Ka Huna Massage

Ancient Hawaiian rhythmic, flowing techniques are applied to create deep relaxation and restoring balance to the body, mind and soul.

90min - $115
60min - $85

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm pressure is used to release trigger points and relieve the effects of muscular tension and long-held pain.

90min - $110
60min - $80
30min - $55

Swedish Massage

A light, soothing pressure using Swedish Massage techniques to instil a sense of wellbeing, rest and relaxation.

90min - $100
60min - $70

Melt Signature Massage

Dry Body Brush + Back Exfoliation
Aromatherapy Massage
Scalp Massage
Pevonia Dry Body Oil application

90min - $120

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A very gentle massage using specific light, slow strokes to promote fluid circulation and decongest the lymph nodes. Aids in boosting the immune system and to detoxify the body.

60min - $70

Pregnancy Massage

A nurturing treatment for Mother and Baby using Swedish Massage techniques to help alleviate fluid retention and swelling of legs, improve circulation and reduce fatigue.

60min - $80

Meditation Massage

A healing journey through the body to a guided meditation, promoting a sense of wellbeing, gratitude and self-acceptance.

45min - $70


Relieve aching, tired feet with this stimulating, yet relaxing foot massage that eases tension and assists in stimulating and balancing the body systems.

30min - $55


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