She floats above the reception desk, sending a message of peace, love and pure bliss to all the beautiful souls who visit us at Melt.

Like me, she has a history and a story behind her, she’s travelled a bit and loves the ocean – and going by her beautiful outfit, I think her favourite colour (like mine) is blue.

The story behind “The Mermaid” goes like this…

There are times we may find ourselves at a cross-road in life that requires us to make a change -  to take a leap of faith - kind of like getting caught in a rip at the beach – you have a choice to fight against the force, but the more you fight against the change of circumstances the more exhausted you become and further you are taken away from your path - or you can relax into the changing circumstances and like the beautiful mermaid, float peacefully with change, trusting the current to take you exactly to where you need to go where you can then easily swim to shore – to where you are meant to be.

The “Rip” that led me to The Mermaid took hold of me when I was working in an incredibly stressful role as Assistant Manager of an island resort – in a matter of weeks I turned 40 – my relationship with my partner fell apart – and the stress of my professional and personal life impacted my health where I was constantly anxious, tired, achy and feeling generally depleted.

I have always had an avid interest in beauty treatments and products – from a young girl of about 5 - delving into my mum’s shiny blue eye-shadow and bright red lipstick – complete with 70’s style short hair wig – worn back-to-front because I thought it looked better that way – through to a teenager with acne (the only thing that cleared my skin was regular facials and a good home care program!) – to now where everything anti-aging consumes me. 

I would have loved to have become a beauty therapist back in my 80’s “Hey Day” but for some reason I felt I should have a more “serious” career – whatever that meant – I don’t think I even knew – and so off I went working my way up in the field of hospitality which gave me some amazing experiences and opportunities, but did not ignite my passion.

That tumultuous time and the breakdown of my relationship was one of the greatest gifts in my life (needless to say I didn’t see it that way at the time).It was at that point – caught in the messy rip of my life – that I decided to resign from my role of Assistant Resort Manager – leaving a substantial salary and numerous perks – to become a Full time Beauty Therapy Student.  It was at the same time terrifying and exciting but I had a deep sense of being on the right path and that everything was going to be ok – if I could just remain calm and “float”.

The Mermaid grabbed my attention on my daily commute from Gold Coast to Brisbane to attend Beauty College.  I fell in love with her from the first time I saw her in the window of the studio of Gold Coast Artist, Colin Sweeney.  Each morning and evening as I drove by her I had a tug-of-war in my head – “I’d love to buy her but I’m not working”  - “Oh I want her!  But it is too extravagant!”  etc etc. Until one day I drove by the studio and she was no longer there in the window – I felt a pang of pain that she may have been sold.  I phoned the studio to enquire if she was still there and was told by Colin “Yes, she’s here floating around out the back”.  And in that moment decided I had to buy her and that she would be at the very front of my beauty business.It took 10 years until she would find her home at the front of Melt.

She patiently waited while I followed my other passion of travel – working in beautiful spas and health retreats on island resorts, cruise ships, and holiday destinations – until we found the most beautiful place in the world to call home – Yamba. I love sharing The Mermaid with everyone who comes to Melt and seeing the joy and sense of calm and peace she brings.

If you are ever visiting the most beautiful place in the world (Yamba) I would love you to pop into Melt and meet The Mermaid – have a beautiful treatment – or just to say hello (another passion is meeting beautiful souls!).

And when things are going pear-shaped for you, and you are swept up by your own life “rip” - remember that your future-self will look back at that time as a spectacular gift for you to follow your passion – just “float” and go with the current that is moving you towards the amazing new shore of your life.

Everything is going to be fine.

Love & Hugs,

Jo @ Melt